Arun Mohan


Arun Mohan is the founder and Managing Director of Adfolks. An expert on generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) and large language models (LLMs), Arun is also an active investor, and a senior advisor on cloud-native transformations. With more than 15 years of hands-on experience as a coder and a cloud-native transformations leader, he has become the go-to–expert for strategic innovation in cloud observability, management, governance, and artificial intelligence for information technology (IT) operations (AIOps).

In the Middle East, Arun is recognized for bridging the region’s “IT engineer entrepreneurship gap,” as well the “developer skills and software gap.” He has also launched, scaled, and exited two cloud-based services startup companies, Adfolks and Appsintegra -one focusing on Amazon Web Services, and the other focused on Microsoft’s Azure- while also being actively invested in OnePane.AI.

Arun has pioneered B2B enterprise software-as-a-service and empowered developer entrepreneurs within the region. As a keynote speaker and leading GenAI and cloud-focused panelist, he is acclaimed for his in-depth experience with open-source technologies, and for educating hundreds of software engineers and operators to embrace platform play in the Middle East. Arun has his ear to the ground, and genuinely knows the challenges various enterprises and organizations are facing in the adoption of AI and LLMs.



Why Entrepreneurs And Enterprises Should Not Rush Into Fine-Tuning GenAI Or LLMs

By embracing a governance-first approach, we can unlock the transformative power of GenAI.

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