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Barrick Gold Can Be a Hedge If Inflation Isn't the Worst Case Scenario

It's been a week since Barrick Gold reported earnings and GOLD stock has barely moved. In fact, GOLD stock is down 17.5% in 2021 despite turning posit...

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If You're Holding Inovio Stock, You Better Have Diamond Hands

Inovio stock is essentially flat for the year, and yet INO stockholders have been taken on a wild ride for much longer than that. INO stock has a few...

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The Trade Desk Wants Investors to Take a Ride On the Open Internet

In its most recent earnings report The Trade Desk posted its fourth consecutive quarter of year-over-year (YOY) beats in earnings and revenue. However...

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The Real Threat to ABNB is Not the Delta Variant

Over time, Airbnb looks to be a good investment. However, there are many variables in place at this time that convince me that ABNB stock is priced ab...

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The Risk and Reward For DASH Stock Are Two Sides of a Coin

The novelty of food delivery has worn off. And that means analysts are beginning to evaluate these companies on their own merits. And that kind of com...

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FUBO Stock Looks Like an Excellent Bet

At a time when consumers may be showing signs of streaming fatigue, FuboTV is gaining subscribers and keeping them engaged on its platform for a longe...