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3 Dividend Contenders to Buy Now for Long-Term Gains Later

Dividend stocks have a role to play in any portfolio, and this article highlights three dividend contenders that you can buy now to get long-term gains later

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3 Small-Cap Stocks That Offer Big Dividends

Dividend stocks are a solid choice in bear markets. Here are three small-cap stocks that offer attractive dividend yields above the industry average

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Enphase Energy is Still a Buy for Long-Term Growth Investors

Despite a recent price drop, Enphase Energy stock is still an opportunity for risk-tolerant investors looking to invest in our renewable energy future

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Dollar General Offers Great Prices, but the Stock isn't a Value

Dollar General still presents investors with some long-term catalysts, but you may want to wait for confirmation on a reversal from the current bearish trend

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A Weakening Economy Suggests Caution Before Buying Five Below

In the long run Five Below may pay off for investors, but if you're looking to make money in the market right now, there may be better options

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Pfizer's Latest Acquisition Strengthens the Case for PFE Stock

Pfizer's merger with Seagen will strengthen the company's already strong oncology portfolio and perhaps boost the case for owning PFE stock