Cynthia E. Griffin

Campus Invasion

Silicon Valley, the Wharton School is headed your way.

Be A Man!

No, wait . . . be a woman!

Private-Label Credit Cards

Think issuing your own credit card is just a pipe dream? Maybe not. Here's why.

First Step

Put your best foot forward with a money grant from Johnnie Walker.


Bank makes it easy for women and minority entrepreneurs to apply for business loans
Starting a Business

It's a Bra!

How one woman gave birth to a $100,000 product

A Woman's Place

Tech incubators nurture women-owned firms.

Before You Bid . . .

Guide details state procurement programs

New Trade Zones

Tax break for importers/exporters

Going Global

Exporting on the Web

South Carolina

New chamber created to help entrepreneurs


Easing the way for inventors

Feeling Powerless

Energy crises are doing more than making news and fueling fears of impending eco-doom; they're also really, really bad for business.

The Pros and Cons of Internet Taxes

Two sides lay out their cases for whether Internet transactions should be taxed.


Online e-commerce course; 50 times the lenders