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Inspired by the iPad

The Omni Group turns its attention to business apps for Apple's new device.

A Scan-Tastic App Goes Mainstream

Where barcode scanning fits in a small-business sales strategy

Build for One, Deploy to Many

A new platform opens things up for aspiring app developers.

Small is Bigger Than Ever

Netbook popularity takes root in entrepreneurial firms.

Fit to be Tethered

Mobile technology can relieve you from the Wi-Fi access charges dragging down your travel budget.

Envy is Good

The HP Envy laptop--fast and hot

Bonds Worth the Investment

Broadband bonding patches together a bigger pipe with a price tag sized for small business.

Meet Your New Office Mates

An app that maps out quiet, comfortable workplaces for mobile workers

Wi-Fi, Mano a Mano

Imagine a world where using Wi-Fi doesn't mean sacrificing security. It could happen.

Verizon Droid vs. iPhone

Verizon Droid is the first smartphone to come close to matching the iPhone's functionality and style.

Call Centers Go Virtual

A VoIP service provider that's really more of a virtual call-center enabler

Mobilizing VoIP

Speakeasy takes the popular voice alternative on the road.

Can You See Me Now?

Video calling over the internet with the Asus Videophone Touch AiGuru SV1T

More Services, Less Software

Tech problems dissolve when you have enough SaaS.
Starting a Business

Powerful, Youthful and Upwardly Mobile

The young and entrepreneurial demographic represents a market rich with potential.

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