Devishobha Chandramouli

Founder and Editor

Devishobha Chandramouli is the founder of Kidskintha, a global parenting and education collective. She is also the host of UNESCO's upcoming Special Kids Global Virtual Summit. She has written for HuffPost, LifeHack, Motherly, Thought Catalog, and more.

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Growing a Business

3 Reasons VRMs Have Become a Critical Component of Business-Growth Strategy

The relationship between vendors and companies is changing, and vendor relationship managers are the way of the future.

Estrategias de crecimiento

3 razones por las que los VRM se han convertido en un componente crítico de la estrategia de crecimiento empresarial

La relación entre proveedores y empresas está cambiando, y los gerentes de relaciones con proveedores son el camino del futuro.

Money & Finance

3 Things Startup Employees Should Know About Stock Options and Risk Mitigation

Stock options have made millionaires out of startup employees. So, why are employees opting out of exercising their stock options?


3 cosas que los empleados de las empresas emergentes deben saber sobre las opciones sobre acciones y la mitigación de riesgos

Las opciones sobre acciones han hecho millonarios a los empleados de las empresas emergentes. Entonces, ¿por qué los empleados optan por no ejercer sus opciones sobre acciones?

Thought Leaders

How to Thrive In Your Relationships and Your Business

Entrepreneurs are people with unbridled drive, passion and risk-appetite. Can their relationships survive the choices of the road seldom taken?

Science & Technology

Here's How EdTech Companies Are Creatively Revolutionizing Special Education

EdTech companies are using innovative ways to fill the special education gap.

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