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The European Union will start vaccination against COVID-19 on December 27

The immunization campaign will begin between that date and 29, according to the president of the European Commission.

Mercado Shops and Google Shopping Join Forces to Benefit Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses

This integration will allow sellers and businesses that use Mercado Shops to give visibility to their products through smart Google Shopping campaigns.

How to Delete Your WhatsApp Cache

Your phone does not have to lock when you are on a call or sending multiple messages.

Why hasn't the Pfizer CEO injected his own COVID-19 vaccine?

Albert Bourla, CEO of the American pharmaceutical company, explained why he has not yet received the drug that his company developed together with the German BioNTech.

Gas From Outer Space Brought From the Asteroid Ryugu Is Being Analyzed By Japanese Scientists

Space specialists verify the provenance of gas samples that are obviously different from the atmospheric composition of planet Earth.

Secretary of Education Esteban Moctezuma Will Be the Next Mexican Ambassador to the United States

The Secretary of Education will fill the vacancy left by the current ambassador, Martha Bárcena, amid the change of administration in the neighboring country.

Here's Why Tesla Did Not Settle in Mexico

Elon Musk's company is currently building a new factory in Austin, Texas.

Yes there will be gifts! Santa Claus is 'immune' to COVID-19, WHO claims

Given the fear of the world's children for the health of Santa Claus, the WHO reported that, despite the advanced age of Santa Claus, he will be able to go out to distribute gifts on time and in good shape, however, he will respect the healthy distance.
Video game

6-Year-Old Spent $16,000 On His Mom's Credit Card Playing Video Games

This kid may be on Santa's naughty list ...

See the first images of the Zoox, Amazon's 'robotaxi' that could compete with Uber and DiDi

After 6 years of development, Jeff Bezos' company unveiled the design of its first autonomous electric vehicle, capable of reaching 120 kilometers per hour in both directions.
General Motors

These US states prohibit the sale of the 2021 Chevrolet Camaro

The car company will not be able to distribute some of its versions of the Camaro in Washington and California.

Rappi presents a new bet to help companies use Digital Marketing

Through Brands by Rappi, brands will be able to get closer to their consumers.

Mexico will participate in clinical trials within Phase 3 of the HIV vaccine

The HIV vaccine will be applied to 150 volunteers, it is the first time that phase 3 of clinical trials has been reached in a decade.

5G: How it will be used in the education of the future

5G will pave the way for smarter (and remote) classrooms based on mixed reality learning platforms.

Moderna's vaccine is safe and effective according to the FDA and could be approved this week

Two days before its approval for distribution is discussed, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration gave a positive rating to the company's COVID-19 drug.