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Geoff Weiss

Geoff Weiss

Former Staff Writer

Geoff Weiss is a former staff writer at

Take It From The Pros

Meet the Business Strategists Behind the Careers of Today's Biggest YouTube Stars

As digital celebrity has swelled, a new class of talent managers is helping creators build their empires offline as well.

Could a $50 Tablet This Holiday Season Help Salvage Amazon's Struggling Hardware Division?

The forthcoming 6-inch device would be one of the cheapest tablets on the market.
Online Video

Snapchat, Like Facebook, Now Boasts 4 Billion Video Views Every Day

The platform has doubled daily views in just three months. But what does this metric actually mean?
Inspiring Your Team

Man Accidentally Sends Naked Selfies to HR Manager After Receiving Job Offer

'My understanding is they've rescinded the offer of employment,' a local police chief said.

An Equity Crowdfunding Campaign Just Launched to Create a Private Jet-Slash-Helicopter Hybrid

The TriFan 600 boasts three deducted fans that are slanted horizontally for liftoff and then can flip forward within seconds to generate thrust.

Stephen Colbert to Interview Elon Musk, Travis Kalanick During First Week of 'Late Show'

Colbert's first week of guests includes an eclectic mix of luminaries from the worlds of film, politics, music, business and literature.
Project Grow

2 of the Biggest Myths Surrounding Crowdfunding (Video)

Given that the average campaign raises $10,000, experts say, it's wise to keep your expectations in check.
Customer Service

Woman Socked With $1,500 Bill After Uber Never Closed Out Her Ride

The ridesharing company was loath to respond to Jenny Partington's complaints until she involved local media.

Google Axes Project Ara Market Test in Puerto Rico, Postpones Debut to 2016

Project Ara chalked delays for the modular smartphone up to 'lots of iterations…more than we thought.'
Mergers and Acquisitions

Why Disney's $500 Million Acquisition of Maker Studios Is Proving Less Than Picture Perfect

Maker CEO Ynon Kreiz and top executives are rumored to be leaving Disney by year's end, as the company failed to meet certain growth goals.

10 Tips for Picking the Perfect Business Suit

Why charcoal gray is a non-negotiable and shoulders are the key to a perfect fit.