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3 Ways to Kill a Deal in India

Sometimes cultural barriers can undo any multimillion dollar deal. Make sure the barrier isn't you.

How to Grow Without Growing Pains

Ray Barton transformed Great Clips from just four hair salons into nearly 3,000, and he did it by turning down franchises that didn't fit into his expansion strategy.

The Secret Upside to Fear

Don't let fear make your decisions. Find out how to ease your worries, and boost your business to new heights.

Little Boxes' Big 4-0

As the cubicle turns 40, we look back at the great (and not-so-great) moments in cube history.

The Seeds of Success

Business is blooming for, but it wasn't always that way for founder Jim McCann.

Get Smarter

Would you believe. that, unlike watching the movie, reading this will make you get smart?

Innovation Nation

At Eureka! Ranch, American manufacturers find creative ways to grow.

What's the Next Bubble to Burst?

It's a question for a realist, not a pessimist.

Two's Company

Is your dynamic duo likely to become an explosive one? Before jumping into a business partnership, ask yourself these 7 key questions.

Law and Potential Disorder

Find out how the latest slew of legislation could affect your business in 2008.

An Extension of Himself

Athlete Eric Robinson has helped build a $10 million prosthetic foot company, as well as an event that gives amputees a chance to participate in extreme sports again.

Crash Course on Extreme Sports

These action-sport athletes are taking on business ownership at full speed and finding out it's not always a smooth ride.

From Gamer to Gym Rat

Now gamers can play while getting in their gym time, too. And we're not just talking about the Wii.

A Toy Shop Story

These toy shops may be small, but they compete with the biggest retailers every holiday season and thrive.

What's Up With These Docs?

These former doctors found the best treatment was to take two aspirin and start a business in the morning.