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Geoff Williams

Geoff Williams has written for numerous publications, including Entrepreneur, Consumer Reports, LIFE and Entertainment Weekly. He also is the author of Living Well with Bad Credit.

In Your Dreams

Need a business idea? Take a cue from these entrepreneurs, and try sleeping on it.

"You're Fired!"

It may be one of the worst things to ever happen to you--but it could also be the best chance you'll ever have to become your own boss.

The Heat Is On.

Or is it? A new study shows how your office temperature affects employee productivity.

Hot News About Productivity

Hot enough for you? Find out what a new study says about the temperature of your office and productivity.

Glamdora, It's a Girl Thing

This young mom wasn't intent on staying home--she wanted to build a brand to cater to tween girls' fashion needs. Here's how she did it.

Spelunking Brought Them a Goldmine

Once these entrepreneurs bought the land they used to spelunk on to start a theme park, they began the adventure of a lifetime.


This one-name wonder has built a comfortable business that suits his family's needs using eBay.

Movie Magic USA

By focusing on hard-to-find gems, these eBay sellers parlayed their film fanatacism into a successful business.

KDM Sales & Design

They only had $20, and they parlayed it into a multi-million dollar business.

New World Enterprises

These homebased entrepreneurs prove it's possible to turn homemade salsa into dough.

Reality Check

A look back at the growing pains and gains made by the stars of <i>The Startup</i>, <i>Entrepreneur</i> and AOL's year-long reality series.

In Your Dreams

Need a business idea? Take a cue from these entrepreneurs, and try sleeping on it.
Growth Strategies

Explore These Three Ways to Innovate Your Business

Small businesses make big impacts when they keep innovation in mind.

Sharing the Love

What's it really like being married to an entrepreneur?

Time's Up

From prison bars to brownie bars, what's next for Martha Stewart?