Harsh Pamnani

Harsh Pamnani

Marketer & Author

Harsh is passionate about marketing, and has authored articles in various business publications such as Advertising Age, Business Insider, Business World, Economic Times, Entrepreneur, Firstpost, InformationWeek and Retail. He is an alumnus of XLRI, Jamshedpur.

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Modernize your Marketing with these Brilliant Tactics

By collaborating with complementary players, a brand can accelerate its innovations, offerings and create new experiences and exponential value

10 Entrepreneurial Lessons from Movie: 'Miracle'

This movie covers many important entrepreneurial lessons

Make Your Name Worth Something

Taking chances is about taking calculated risks and challenging the status quo

All you Need to Know About Packaging

Eye-catching colours, fonts, graphics, images and catchy lines can evoke memories and specific feelings in customers

'Become Digital' if Not 'Born Digital'

Many retailers are reaching out to customers through offline channels such as stores as well as online avenues such as mobile apps and websites

#10 Entrepreneurial Lessons From Movie 'Moneyball'

Any unconventional idea, no matter how good it is, could face rejections initially

#10 Entrepreneurial Lessons From Movie 'Sachin: A Billion Dreams'

By setting attainable targets and achieving little victories over time, an individual's outlook becomes brighter and commitment grows stronger

#10 Entrepreneurial Lessons From 'Baahubali 2: The Conclusion'

Hands-on leaders keep their skills updated and remain connected with the needs of the business, employees and customers.

#10 Entrepreneurial Lessons From Movie 'Burnt'

It shows how Adam tried to restart his career in London, rebuild his reputation and achieved his third Michelin star.

#10 Entrepreneurial Lessons From Movie 'The Walk'

This movie shows how the 'impossible' can be made into the 'possible' and teaches various lessons that could be useful for entrepreneurs.

10 Cs Driving Demand for Thought Leadership Marketing

Before talking about 10Cs that drive demand for thought leadership marketing, I would like to set some background.

#10 Business Lessons from Movie 'The Founder'

Ray expands the McDonald's restaurants through franchisees, pulls the company from the brothers and creates a multi-billion dollar empire.

Learn #10 Steps for a Better Brand Journey

The journey from missing to memorable for persons is similar to the journey of brand building in case of products.

10 Entrepreneurial Lessons From Aamir Khan's Film Based on Wrestling

Similar to the challenges of Mahavir Singh, Geeta and Babita, in the business world, entrepreneurs face many challenges.

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