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How to Keep Your Team Happy During the Winter

The winter season is upon us. In many places in the country, there are icy rains, snow, icy roads, layering clothes, and the low winter light that drives many crazy....

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7 Ways to Follow Through With New Year Resolutions

The new year presents the perfect opportunity to change your life for the better. As midnight strikes and the calendar turns, your spirit and motivation are running high. But it's...

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Why Businesses Should Always Have a Software Backup Plan

Nowadays, running your business without using some kind of software is hard. Even the most straightforward transactions are usually accomplished on an electronic point of service (POS). However, as amazing...

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Keep Your Remote Employees Functioning as a Cohesive Team

Remote work can be incredibly beneficial to companies for a number of reasons. For starters, not needing extensive office space for employees can drastically reduce overhead costs. Many employees who...

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6 Ways to Stay Focused When You Work From Home

Working from home is an entirely different experience from working in an office, for better or for worse. Some people thrive when working from home, as they feel more comfortable...

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5 Things Businesses Can Do to Look Out for Customers

Businesses exist because of customers. Without a client base, your business can’t survive. Regardless of your business type, taking care of customers is key to your success. What can you...