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The Pros and Cons of Color-Coding Your Calendars

Staying organized is one of the best approaches to keeping a schedule. Finding what you need and staying on track of upcoming meetings, events, or appointments is easier. However, if...

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How to Add Recurring Time Blocks to All of Your Digital Calendars

You keep meaning to block off time for daycare pickup on Thursdays when your nanny has to leave early. However, your boss has just scheduled a vital client call for...

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6 Reasons Shared Calendars Create More Productive Teams

Many hands make light work. At least, that’s what they say. The truth is that many hands only lighten the load if they’re all working together. Work might be even...

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5 Features Users Appreciate in a Calendar

How you spend your time is up to you. While you may have work obligations and family duties to meet, your choice is primarily when and how you get them...

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6 Calendar Tips for Improved Focus

Life can get pretty hectic sometimes, and you might feel overwhelmed or prone to distraction. But never fear, because the power of the calendar is here! You might not realize...

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Decide Between Outlook and Your Other Digital Calendar Options

On the afternoon of the first Tuesday in March 2018 — you were alive. You had a day full of thoughts, emotions, and experiences, and yet, do you remember any...

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