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6 Ways to Stay Focused When You Work From Home

Working from home is an entirely different experience from working in an office, for better or for worse. Some people thrive when working from home, as they feel more comfortable...

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5 Things Businesses Can Do to Look Out for Customers

Businesses exist because of customers. Without a client base, your business can’t survive. Regardless of your business type, taking care of customers is key to your success. What can you...

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6 Ways to Prepare Your Business for the Upcoming Holidays

The holiday season can be incredibly disruptive, especially for small businesses and their customers. You could either be in a very slow season looking for things to accomplish or so...

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How to Eliminate Scheduling Inefficiencies in Your Business

What do salons, consultancies, and home service providers all have in common? This question may seem like the prime setup for a joke, but there's no punchline to look forward...

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Extra Revenue in 2022? 11 Options for Rewarding Your Team

Is your company on track to make extra revenue in 2022? Then, it's time to consider how you will reward your employees for their hard work. To retain employees and...

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How to Handle Time Management When They Don't Work

The internet is full of “time management tips.” Everything from personal blogs to peer-reviewed papers provides tips on how to save stress and increase productivity. Even though some of these...