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Jason Miller is a seasoned CEO with an overwhelming passion to help other business owners and CEOs succeed. He was nicknamed Jason “The Bull” Miller because he takes no BS and no excuses from the people he serves. He has mentored thousands of people over more than two decades.

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How to Craft an Emotional Marketing Message That Hits Home

Logic may guide decisions in marketing, but emotions win the heart. They are vital in today's marketing if you want to stand out, be memorable and build lasting relationships, but it isn't the easiest to do — so here are some tips to get started.


Ser un mejor líder comienza con volverse más emocionalmente inteligente. Aquí te digo cómo hacerlo

Aprende las diversas técnicas que se requieren para navegar en el espacio de trabajo y con tus empleados utilizando la empatía y dominando las relaciones.


Being a Better Leader Starts With Becoming More Emotionally Intelligent. Here's How to Do It.

Learn the various techniques that are required to navigate the workspace and your employees through using empathy and mastering relationships.

Growing a Business

I Use These 7 Methods to Make My Business More Eco-Friendly — Maybe You Can Use Them, Too.

Businesses in 2023 must go beyond profit and embrace corporate social responsibility and sustainability for long-lasting success. By engaging in ethical initiatives, companies enhance their reputation, foster customer loyalty and build a strong work culture.


8 Reasons to Make Networking Part of Your Everyday Life

Learn how building meaningful connections can lead to new opportunities, knowledge, innovation and better talent while fostering diversity and inclusion.

Social Media

6 Tips to Use TikTok Like a Pro and Boost Your Business

Want to boost your social media presence? TikTok's algorithm prioritizes relevance and interaction, so maximize your impact by doing these six things.

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