Jena Booher, Ph.D.

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor


Dr. Booher is a startup to ScaleUp expert, business psychologist, social scientist, and trusted advisor to startups across the country. Her mission is to help high-growth businesses transform their culture, build engaged teams, and chart the path for sustained success.

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Want to Enhance Your Influence as a Startup Leader? Here's What You Need to Know.

Discover the foundational influence styles of "pushers" and "pullers," and learn practical tactics to refine your natural influencing approach. Enhance your performance in startup environments by adopting the most effective elements of both styles.

Business Culture

How to Identify and Address Dysfunctional Venture Capital Relationships in the Startup Ecosystem

A psychological exploration of dysfunctional founder-investor relationships and how to navigate them effectively.


How to Cope With Career Baggage and Heal Emotional Scars From Past Jobs

Here's how professional scar tissue can show up in new roles — and a few tips for managing it effectively.


Why We Should Be Talking About Organizational Identity and Not Just Company Culture

Organizational identity heavily influences business strategy and should directly dictate company culture.

Starting a Business

10 Traits You Need to Make It as a Startup Employee

Here are 10 critical traits that startup employees should possess, develop and nurture for success.


Scaleup Archetypes: The Key to Managing Professional Conflicts and Unlocking Company-Wide Success

I created four archetypes to help employees understand their role during the pivotal scale-up stage. Here, you'll learn about each style, their strengths, blind spots and my specific advice for each.

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