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Karen E. Spaeder is a freelance business writer in Southern California.

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Heady Stuff

Specialty breweries stand out from the crowd with unusual products.

Science & Technology

Call Center Software

Ignore those reels of tape no longer--software that analyzes call-center data can help you take customer relations to the next level.

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Leap Over Five Common Startup Hurdles

Don't second-guess your startup dream! Here are five reasons you might be stalling and what you can do about them.

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Location, Location, Location!

Looking for the perfect spot to start your food or retail biz? Here's how to size up a neighborhood's potential.

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Cause to Celebrate

Some PR firms strive to make a difference by promoting causes as well as products.

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10 Ways to Grow Your Biz

Looking for a way to kick your biz up a notch? Here are 10 practical methods to super-size your startup.