Karen E. Spaeder

Karen E. Spaeder is a freelance business writer in Southern California.


Business Ideas

Best Startup Markets for 2009

If you're looking to capitalize on the next big thing, it's all about knowing where to look and how to treat your customers. Here are 4 booming markets to keep an eye on this year.

Business Ideas

10 Businesses Based on a Bad Economy

If you want to weather the storm, keep these industries in mind.

Operations & Logistics

All Well and Good

A healthy workplace means keeping your employees' minds and bodies happy.

Business News

Shape Up

A healthy workplace starts at the top.

Thought Leaders

Be a Healthy Entrepreneur

Want a healthy company? Start by focusing on yourself.

Business News

Week 2: Conduct Market Research

Your brilliant idea may indeed be brilliant--or it may need some work. Here's how to find out whether you're ready for startup.

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