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Karen E. Spaeder is a freelance business writer in Southern California.

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How Do I Attend Trade Shows?

How to find a trade show and showcase your product or service to the world

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How to Start a Jewelry Business

Knowing how to make jewelry isn't enough--you need to know how to sell your pieces, too.

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How Do I Start a Magazine?

A magazine is a business, so you need to treat it as such.

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My Mom Doesn't Understand!

How do I convince my skeptical mom that I can start a business?

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What Are the Zoning Laws?

I am in ninth grade and am doing a project in my careers class, and I need to know how to find out about zoning laws and permits needed to start an electronics store. Could you help me with this?

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Don't Give Up!

If you really want to be an entrepreneur, just stick with it, and you'll reap the rewards.