Kevin Alderweireldt

Founder and CEO, Bureau Béatrice.

Kevin Alderweireldt is the founder and CEO of the luxury creative technology company, Bureau Béatrice. A born entrepreneur, Kevin is committed to working with luxury brands that want to build more meaningful consumer connections by adopting creative brand experiences through the use of emerging interactive technologies, from gaming to augmented reality and everything in between. With over 21 years of invaluable experience, Kevin, a successful business owner and venture enthusiast with a penchant for immersive experiences, has built five thriving businesses within the realms of creative design, advertising, and immersive technology across Europe and the Middle East regions. 



Not For The Light-Hearted: Navigating The Realities Of Entrepreneurship

Unraveling the myths, understanding purpose, embracing setbacks, mastering financial acumen, and redefining competition constitute the crux of this labyrinthine expedition.

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