Lynn Power

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
Co-Founder & CEO of MASAMI

Lynn Power is a long-time advertising executive (formerly CEO of J. Walter Thompson NY) turned entrepreneur. In 2018, she left the ad world and launched MASAMI, clean premium haircare, in February 2020 and Isle de Nature, luxury bee-powered home fragrance, in September 2020.

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Tu negocio necesita un enemigo

Tener una némesis comercial puede hacer maravillas en los resultados finales de su empresa. Aquí le mostramos cómo encontrar el suyo.

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This Is Why It's So Important to Articulate Your Brand Values

Many founders spend minimal time on the "soft stuff" like brand positioning and brand values. But defining your values can (and should) be the foundation of everything you do.


Por eso es tan importante articular los valores de su marca

Muchos fundadores dedican un tiempo mínimo a las "cosas blandas" como el posicionamiento de la marca y los valores de la marca. Pero definir tus valores puede (y debe) ser la base de todo lo que haces.

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How to Become a More Sustainable Brand

Sustainability has become a must-have, not a nice-to-have, for brands. But it's not always easy to figure out what to do, especially if you're a small business.


Cómo convertirse en una marca más sostenible

La sostenibilidad se ha convertido en algo imprescindible, no algo agradable de tener, para las marcas. Pero no siempre es fácil saber qué hacer, especialmente si se trata de una pequeña empresa.


5 Ways to Cope as an Introvert in a Video World

For us introverts, it can be difficult to put yourself out there, especially as appearing on video becomes increasingly necessary and common. Here are some ways to deal with it.