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Madeline Garfinkle is an Editorial Assistant at She is a graduate from Syracuse University, and received an MFA from Columbia University. 

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NYC Rent On a Minimum Wage Salary? That'll Be Over 100 Hours a Week

New study found that affordable housing across the nation is increasingly inaccessible, especially to those working minimum wage jobs.

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Small Businesses Are Preparing for an Uncertain Holiday Season

Small business owners are preparing earlier than usual for the holidays to mitigate any obstacles regarding supply chain and shortages.

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This Ghostwriter Made $200,000 Last Year Writing Tweets for Venture Capitalists

One man's side hustle makes him more money than his day job, and only costs him five hours a week of his time.

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CVS Is Dropping Prices On Tampons to Help Women With the 'Pink Tax'

The retail store chain announced this week that it would be marking down prices on various feminine products.


Inflation Is Impacting Some Franchisees More Than Others, But All Are Hurting

A new report found that around 90% of franchisees noticed a moderate to substantial inflation impact on their business.

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Not All Love is Priceless — 22% Of Millennials Report Going Into Debt From Dating

A new survey found that dating has been particularly hard on millennials' wallets, with 77% of daters saying it'd be easier if they had more money.