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Madeline Garfinkle is a News Writer at She is a graduate from Syracuse University, and received an MFA from Columbia University. 

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Doordash Is Starting an Hourly Pay Option for Drivers — Up to $19.50 an Hour

The delivery app announced a slew of new features on Wednesday, including giving drivers the option between being paid by delivery or being paid a flat rate.

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Costco Cracks Down on Membership Sharing: 'We Don't Feel It's Right'

The wholesaler is now asking for a photo ID with the membership card at checkout.

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Ron DeSantis Asks Judge to Dismiss Disney Lawsuit: 'Disney Grabbed Headlines By Suing the Governor'

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has argued for immunity in the Disney lawsuit against him.

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Own a Small Business? A New Amazon Program Could Help You Make an Additional $27,000 a Year.

The program officially started on Monday and could be a boon for small businesses.


Los gerentes de contratación buscan a gente con experiencia en ChatGPT, y algunos están dispuestos a pagar hasta $800,000 dólares por ella

Los líderes empresariales están dispuestos a pagar grandes sumas de dinero por candidatos que sepan cómo utilizar un chatbot de inteligencia artificial.

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A Messaging App With a $1.17B in Valuation Shuts Down After Investigation Finds 95% of Users Were 'Bots'

IRL once boasted nearly 400% growth experienced over 15 months. However, that wasn't the whole truth.