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Trading Volume is Picking Up On These 3 Buys

When a high volume name is also well liked by sell-side research analysts, it can signal to the market that an underlying catalyst is taking shape. Here's why the volume...

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3 Swing Trades With Good Upside

Lately, opportunities for near-term gains have popped up more frequently with market volatility producing some larger than normal candlesticks. Let's look at three swing trade ideas that offer particularly good...

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MarketBeat Podcast: BAD investments: Betting, Alcohol and Drug Stocks

This week on The MarketBeat Podcast, Kate's guest is Tommy Mancuso, Founder of the BAD Investment Company. The B.A.D. ETF (BAD) is a large-cap fund designed to track the EQM...

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GameStop: Potential New Share Price, Same Meme Stock

It's generally big news when a company announces a stock split, but when that company happens to be GameStop Corp. things get downright crazy.

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3 Beat Up Large Caps With Bullish Chart Patterns

A good way to find stocks with a good chance of riding the recent momentum is to look for bullish chart formations. The charts suggest these bruised large caps are...

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MarketBeat Podcast: How To Spot Value Stocks With Real Value

This week, Kate's guest is Sean O'Hara, director at Pacer Financial, which manages a number of ETFs representing various asset classes, regions and investment themes