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MarketBeat Podcast: How to Profit In The Bear Market

Today, on The MarkeBeat Podcast Kate is joined by a repeat guest, Rob Isbitts of Sungarden Investment Publishing. Rob specializes in ETF portfolios designed to deliver returns in any kind...

These 3 Nasdaq-100 Leaders Have More Upside

Through June 24th, all but 16 of the popular benchmark’s names were in the red for 2022. At the other end of the spectrum is an unlikely collection of stocks...

Downturn Gives These 3 Buys Juicy Dividend Yields

Simply going after the highest yields isn't a winning strategy. Companies that have the long-term growth prospects to support those dividend payouts are ideal.

Buy the Dip in These 3 Mid-Caps

Bullish fundamentals and supportive technicals suggest that investors should put some chips into these three mid-cap dips.

PEG Ratio Pegs These 3 Stocks as Long-Term Buys

The ultra-low PEG ratios of these three stocks suggest their share prices will have some serious catching up to do as future earnings growth kicks in.

Why These 3 Farming Stocks Keep Plowing Ahead

Surging demand and waning supply are pushing agricultural commodity prices higher with no clear end in sight. This has these three farming stocks on the move—and among the S&P 500’s...

3 Defensive Plays Going on the Offensive

Sometimes the best offense is a good defense. These three defensive names are up 10% or more year-to-date—and may keep carrying their offensive S&P teammates well into the second half.

MarketBeat Podcast: Diversity With the Core & Satellite Investment Approach

In today’s episode of The MarketBeat Podcast, Kate welcomes guest Sean Bonner, co-founder of Guild Financial, a self-directed investing and financial education platform,

PayPal or Block?: Both Payment Innovators are Buys

With demand for digital payment solutions expected to be strong for years to come, multiple winners will arise. These two innovators driving the future of financial transactions are begging to...

Consider These Dividend-Paying Stocks During Inflationary Times

Inflation came in hotter than expected in May, as food, energy, and shelter costs put upward pressure on prices. Inflation has been high for the year and could continue to...

Chargepoint’s Stock Could Benefit from High Energy Prices

Chargepoint (NYSE: CHPT) is an American electric infrastructure company based out of Campbell, California. It operates the largest network of independently owned charging networks and has a presence in 14...

MarketBeat Podcast: Get Your Mindset Right To Invest In The Current Market

In today's episode of The MarketBeat Podcast, Kate chats with financial advisor and asset manager Marc Scudillo, who discusses some psychological aspects of investing in the current market, as well...

Heavy Buying Points to Upside for These 3 Stocks

With U.S. stocks showing signs of recovery, activity has picked up in recent weeks as traders seek to capitalize on a potential market bottom. Volume has been unusually high in...

3 Intriguing Stocks With Sub-10 P/E Ratios

If and when inflation subsides, many stocks will see their valuations trend higher. These three stocks could see some of the most pronounced multiple expansion.

3 Software Plays Showing Signs of Recovery

Some software plays have staged particularly convincing rebounds that suggest it’s uphill from here. Let’s look at three of the biggest moves that are helping the software group hit the...

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