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3 Bullish Chart Patterns with Good Fundamentals

In technical analysis, classic chart patterns have varying degrees of success in predicting where a stock is headed. Here we highlight three stocks that have recently formed bullish chart patterns—and have underlying catalysts that can help the patterns come to fruition.

3 Stocks Near 52-Week Lows Ready to Buy

When a stock is trading close to its low of the last 12 months, it can be interpreted in one of two ways. Either it deserves to be there and has more downside, or it is oversold and has the fundamentals to stage a turnaround.

Simply Good Foods Stock Looks Healthy

A little over a year ago Simply Good Foods (NASDAQ: SMPL) was among the least appetizing packaged food stocks. The onset of the pandemic translated to low demand for on-the-go nutrition as gyms closed and people worked from home.

Investors Should Get Comfortable with Comfort Systems USA

When it comes to investing in homegrown companies it doesn't get much more patriotic than Comfort Systems USA (NYSE:FIX). The provider of building construction and maintenance services has been around for almost 25 years.

The Moderna Pullback is Worth a Shot

A little over two years ago Moderna (NASDAQ:MRNA) was a relative unknown in the world of investing. The Massachusetts-based biotech company was making its public market debut hoping investors would take to its novel approach to drug and vaccine development. My how times have changed.

3 Stocks Under $30 for the Long-Term Investor

This week the S&P 500 crossed the 4,000 mark for the first time ever capping a remarkable run. Just over a year ago, the index was flirting with the 2,000 level at the depths of its COVID-19 plunge.

3 Small Caps Ready to Make a Run

With these tailwinds expected to persist in the coming months, some investors are looking for ways to hop on the small cap bandwagon. Here are three small but mighty stocks that look ready to make a substantial run

Rangebound for Months, Wendy's Stock Looks for a Fast Break

Lately Wendy's (NASDAQ:WEN) stock chart has been about as flat as one of its value menu hamburgers.

Is LifeMD a Healthy Stock Selection?

LifeMD (NASDAQ:LFMD) is a lesser known player in the rapidly growing $9.5 billion U.S. telehealth market.

3 Semiconductor Stocks Set to Outperform

Semiconductor chips are seemingly everywhere these days. They are the brains behind everything from laptops and smartphones to medical devices and automobile technology.
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Chill, the Netflix Pullback is a Buy Opportunity

Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) investors have seen this movie before. Time and time again, pullbacks in the streaming video king's stock have turned out to be royally good buy opportunities.

Investors Can Sleep on These 3 Dividend Stocks

In a time of economic uncertainty there is something to be said about low-risk dividend stocks.

GrowGeneration Is Riding the CBD Wave Higher

After a remarkable 881% return last year, GrowGeneration (NASDAQ:GRWG) has clearly arrived as one of the most intriguing cannabis plays.