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e.l.f. Beauty on a Shelf: Consolidating for the Next Leg Up?

Given a strong growth outlook, the e.l.f. Beauty, Inc. consolidation could be the foundation for yet another 'face-lift.'

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Bullish or Bearish? Vetting Animal Health Care Stocks

Americans are paying more and more attention to pet health, making pet care stocks look healthy again. Here are two names worth a check up.

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Novartis Stock Screams Value After Chinook Therapeutics Buyout

Following a buyout of Chinook Therapeutics, Novartis slipped less than 1%. This speaks to the growth potential of Chinook and ongoing value of Novartis stock.

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SunCar Technology Stock Overheats...Will it Rise Again?

Bandwagon bulls that flew too close to the SunCar got burned badly, a reminder of how hot new issues can produce huge losses just as easily as huge gains.

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Up Over 2,600% in 5 Years, Wall Street Still Calls Celsius a Buy

In the ultra-competitive beverage industry, Celsius is making a name for itself and is now up more than 20% year-to-date.

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3 Recession-Proof Stocks With Nice Dividends

Certain sectors like consumer staples and health care tend to outperform during economic turbulence. These three stocks are good names to own for the bad times.