Mélanie Lapointe

Mélanie Lapointe

Founder and Lead Consultant, Blooming Eloquence

Mélanie Lapointe is a coach, trainer, and speaker. She is the founder and Lead Consultant at Blooming Eloquence, a unique consultancy specialized in intercultural agility, women recognition, and millennials growth, amongst other tailored services. Mélanie is a Dubai-based global citizen on a mission to make the world a better, more equitable, and sustainable place, through enhanced human interactions and improved business practices. Mélanie was featured as the most International External Facilitator 2019 Q1 for Google #IamRemarkable initiative. In addition to her Masters in Business Management and Teaching Certification, Mélanie is an Inter-Cultural Intelligence Coach, which complements her Executive Coach ICF Certification. With a strong background in educational leadership and a distinguished sense of etiquette, Mélanie always works to the highest standard with ethical and culturally respectful approaches.


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