Michelle Prather

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Do A Little Dance . . .

Getting techies off their tushes and onto the dance floor

A Frog's Life

. . . hangs in the balance. Now what are tech businesses going to do about it?
Growth Strategies

Walk The Line

How far can you push the perfect opportunity?

Sacrificial Rites

In the ceremony we call entrepreneurship, it's often family, friends and finances that end up on the altar.

Beach Party

Profile of Bikini.com, a "bubble-gum retro" site

Weird Science

Profile of Creative Science Systems Inc., a software infrastructure provider

All I Knead

What do you get when you cross a bakery employee with an old family doughnut recipe? That's right-Doughnut Plant, a gourmet doughnut business.

Close Up: Virtual Celebrity

Taking a look at the world's first cyber newscaster, Ananova

Au Natural

Launching a skin-care company from the ground up

Express Lane

Profile of Optimal Robotics Corp. which created the U-scan Express, an automated self-checkout system

Sole Proprietor

Profile of Zappos.com Inc., an any-shoe-you-could-want Web site

My Start-Up Failed

Failure loves company; this company loves failure.

Fresh Peddlers

The skinny on selling pork rinds-the <i>puffy</i> white meat

The Honeymooners

Profile of online Honeymoon registry After I Do LLC

Playing Around

Profile of online music provider EverAd Inc.