Michelle Prather

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Drink Tank

Grab a cold one and read on to uncover the latest trends in the beverage industry.

The Quilted Picker-Upper

Celebrating the highs (and the lows) of dotcom culture with a needle and thread.

Where, Oh Where?

The next entrepreneurial hot spot may be coming soon to a city near you.

Suit Up!

Sick and tired of bruised hip bones and ugly surf gear, these two surfer chicks became hip-bone-saving wet-suit designers and heroines of water-sports-loving women everywhere.

No Turning Back

The dotcoms may be dying off, but their corporate culture is here to stay.

Run! It's the Internet!

Global consumers may be too scared to buy from your site.

'Tis the Season

Why wait 6 months when the Southern Hemisphere is ripe now?

You Suck!

Don't take it personally: That's just post-dotcom backlash talking. Or is it?

What's That Smell?

With the fragrances (like tomato and dirt) this fashion-student-turned-fragrance-mogul has concocted, it could be anything. But we're betting it's the sweet smell of success.

Good Thinking

Lonely burden of innovation wearing you down? Tap the entrepreneurial zeal in your employees, and they'll start pitching ideas faster than you can implement them.

Damn Yankees

American brands are sparking enduring trends abroad. So why do they hate us for it?

Encore Performance

Practice makes perfect, but can it bring success in the world of dotcoms?

Pimpin' the Clothes

Sex sells. Pimps sell sex. See an equation trying to form?

The Tables Are Turning

Julie Gaines tells us her and her husband's tales of trekking cross-country in search of tableware, entering the international market-and holding their own against Macy's.

Big Money

Whether you want to spend the money, improve the world with it or just roll around in it, it's time you learn to build your billion-dollar business.