Nadine von Moltke-Todd

Nadine von Moltke-Todd

Editor-in-Chief: South Africa

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Hiring Employees

4 Secrets to Hiring the Best Employees for Your Business

Don't waste your time asking job candidates to name their greatest weaknesses (yes, everyone will say they're a perfectionist). Instead, try these four tips from seven entrepreneurs who offer up their best strategies.

How Stacey Brewer Raised R200 million in Funding to Build Spark Schools

SPARK Schools is a disruptive educational business model that has garnered so much investor interest, its founder, Stacey Brewer, has secured R200 million in funding. Here's how she's turning a traditional, entrenched industry on its head to solve real problems and bring about systemic change.
Growth Strategy

Hasnayn Ebrahim's 5 Rules of Strategic Growth

Scaling a business from 100 to 200 employees is never easy. Taking a business from ten employees to 50 is near impossible. Why? Having the correct growth strategy is important, but executing it while exponentially growing your staff and adding complexity to your organisation is what separates the exceptional from the ordinary.
Continuous Learning

Why You Must Learn To Grow With Your Business

If you can keep learning along each step of the start-up journey, you'll continue to grow, and your business will be a success, says entrepreneur and author, Matshona Dhliwayo.
Digital Marketing

How To Create Cost-Effective Digital Campaigns

Digital marketing maverick Dylan Kohlstädt unpacks how start-ups can maximise their marketing spend, get noticed and reach customers through savvy and cost-effective digital campaigns.
True grit

How Joey Evans Went From Paraplegic To South Africa's 10th Dakar Finisher

In October 2007, a devastating off-road bike accident left Joey Evans paralysed from the chest down. Ten years later, he achieved his dream of finishing the 2017 Dakar Rally on a motorbike. This is the story of the power of grit, determination, and following crazy, audacious goals.

How Max Lichaba Built a R120-Million Business With Only a Grade 10 Education

Max Lichaba grew up in a friend's garage in a small town outside Welkom. He finished school with a Grade 10 and no prospects, except for a burning desire to do more with his life than become a miner like all the other men in his community. Today, his jewellery business has a R120 million turnover, and he's only just begun to achieve his dreams.
Podcasts Entrepreneur

How To Launch a South African Podcast

Matt Brown should have given up on podcasting within two weeks. He had no listeners and podcasting as a medium had no data to draw from. Instead, he trusted his gut and followed his passion, and today celebrates 100 episodes with some of South Africa's greatest entrepreneurs.
Success Mindset

How Albert van Wyk Made His First Million By Age 22

Becoming financially free starts with a millionaire mindset. Albert van Wyk decided in his early teens that he wanted more from life. He started with something as simple as mowing lawns. By 22 he'd paid off his first property.

How Arnoux Maré Went From R32 Million to R780 Million in 4 Years

Arnoux Maré is a quintessential entrepreneur. Not only is he wildly competitive (if his business doesn't triple its own annual projections and targets he'll review the company top to bottom), but he's also reengineered the art of 'adapt or die' to, 'adapt and thrive'.
Success Mindset

Culture Lessons From One Of The World's Top-Performing Companies

Doreen Kosi unpacks the personal success mindset that drew her to SABMiller and AB InBev, and reveals what it means to be a part of a winning team.
Lean Startups

4 Ways To Pivot When You're a Lean Startup

When their first business model wasn't delivering, Kyle Torrington and Andrew Taylor chose to find a different solution to achieve the same goal. Here's how they did it, and why they've seen 50% month-on-month growth ever since.
pareto principle

Bob Skinstad Unpacks How You Can Use The 8020 Principle To Drive Growth

The 8020 principle is one of the most powerful success secrets in the world - provided you implement it. Most people have heard of it, few put it into action. Bob Skinstad is re-energising an age-old principle by sharing a collection of real-life examples from highly successful people of 8020 in action. Here's how you can start embracing an 8020 mindset today - and see phenomenal results in return.
Growth Strategies

Driving Double-Digit Growth And Increasing Your Profits

Exceptional strategy is based on five key principles: A good plan, the choices and trade-offs you're willing to make, differentiation, your profit equation and activity integration. Here's how you can strengthen your business to drive higher growth and profits.
Franchising Your Business

Growth Through Franchising

For many businesses, franchising is an excellent route to growth, opening up new opportunities and markets. Laurette Pienaar, National Franchise Manager at Nedbank, unpacks why it's worth considering this route.