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Neil Petch

Chairman, Virtugroup

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Growth Strategies

Five Things You Need To Do For Your Business To Be Successful In The UAE

When you see the obvious signs of wealth on display in the UAE, you might be forgiven for thinking that just by launching a business here, you'll be on your way to fame and fortune.

Five Tips To Avoid Burning Out As An Entrepreneur

There is now a growing body of research that shows giving our brains time away from work is essential to retain peak levels of performance.
Lean Startups

From Lean To Mean: How To Turn A Startup Into A Corporate Behemoth

To improve outcomes and ensure full accountability, the lean approach puts a lot of focus on how we measure progress, set milestones and prioritize work.

Lessons From The Toughest Bosses That Ever Were

Good leadership is all about balance.
Business Growth

Five Signs Your Business Has What It Takes To Make It

If reaching those dizzying heights of success is in fact your goal, ask yourself if the following indications are there that you are heading towards those bigger things.

The Essential Talent Qualifier Checklist: Five Tips To Hire Better

Let's take a look at what you entrepreneurs out there should be considering when screening to fill any and all positions at your company.
Growth Strategies

Four Tips For Mentally Escaping From Your Business

It's important to understand that your company's performance may truly suffer if you do not learn how to disconnect, because productivity is indeed affected quite considerably if we are working long hours without mixing things up.
Leadership Qualities

Why A Big Ego Reduces Your Chance At Business Success

While one might think a big ego is actually a common trait among over-achieving business people (or over-achievers in general), the truth is that an out-of-control ego is anything but conducive to success.
Growth Strategies

Five Ways To Spot A Liar In Business

Being misled and lied to when you need to have accurate information at hand to make critical business decisions can have serious negative implications for your company.

Five Ways To Develop Your Mental Toughness For Startup Success

If mental toughness can be learned, then how exactly does one do that? As you can imagine, a lot of it has to do with your mental approach to life.
Business Lessons

Five Business Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From The UAE

If ever there was a place from which to draw inspiration for the way you run your business, the UAE may just be your ideal candidate.

The Four Startup Phases When An Entrepreneur (Simply) Must Not Give Up

What should always be kept high up in the conscious thoughts of the entrepreneur is that the effort required to succeed at any stage of the business lifecycle is usually much more intense than you imagine it to be, and when you feel like you've reached the breaking point, that is when you have to fight the hardest.
Success Strategies

Seven Common Thoughts Of A (Successful) Entrepreneur

While many average company owners may stand before that which they have build, and say, "Great, it works, we are done here for a while," a good entrepreneur thinks, "Great, it works, but I want it to be better."
Startup Basics

Three Simple Formulas For Coming Up With The Right Business Ideas

What can you take from your own experience, from an industry you know well, or from your current role, that can blossom into a standalone business opportunity? Upon close review, the answer might be a lot clearer than you think.
Starting a Business

Nine Rules For The Entrepreneur To Live By

At some point in your life, when you've had enough experience in any one thing –or just gotten enough "life" experience– it's not a bad idea to sit down and craft a list of advice or "rules" of your own. You may be surprised at what ones you have actually been living by all this time.