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Neil Petch

Neil Petch

Guest Writer / Chairman, Virtugroup

Neil Petch is the Chairman at Virtugroup.

With a history of business successes, Neil is well known in the UAE and beyond as a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for helping others establish and grow their own businesses. 

Neil founded Virtuzone in 2009 and quickly established it as the region’s leading company formation expert, before launching Virtugroup, a holding company that has a wider mandate of supporting startups from establishment; to successful market entry; and all the way through to exit.

Neil is also the Chairman of GMG, which was established in 2010 with offices in Dubai and London. The DIFC-regulated GMG provides brokerage services for commercial and investment banks globally.

Neil’s most recent venture is PrimalMD, a launch in the health sector focussing on helping doctors transform their patient’s lives by addressing the root cause of illness rather than simply treating the symptoms.

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