Nic Haralambous


What Kind Of Leader Are You?

Your effectiveness in scaling your business starts with the kind of leader you are. Here's how you can build yourself up into a leader others will follow.

Should You Raise Funding?

As your business grows, should you be raising capital or focusing on organic growth?

If You're a Start-up, You Can Never Stop Learning

If you're serious about your start-up journey, the learning is never done.

Understand The Value Of Looking To The Future

To what degree do outside influences impact your business's success? As a business owner, should you be focused on your business, or taking a macro view of the world?

How To Let Go So That People Excel At Their Jobs

When you're building a business, you can't do it without an exceptional team, and great teams are built on trust. Here's how to let go so that people can excel at their jobs.

4 Ways To Achieve Sustainable Growth

Periods of rapid expansion are exciting, but they're also incredibly stressful and even dangerous for your business. If you're focused on growth, make sure it's sustainable.

Plan, Prioritise And Get It Done

Some people will tell you that hiring is the most important thing at your business. Others will say it's sales, product, customer service, new relationships, culture and honestly, anything else they can think of. Here's my short answer to the question about priorities: Whatever is burning the fastest gets the most attention.

The Little Things Customers Care About

Building big businesses takes a focus on the little things - and great customer service is all about the small details.

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