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Nikhil Kamath

Nikhil Kamath

Guest Writer / Co-Founder & Director, Zerodha

Nikhil, who runs an online discount brokerage platform, has also invested in a number of startups. 


Bootstrapping and its Advantages for Start-ups

The idea of bootstrapping is to grow a company from scratch, using 'sweat capital'

Bitcoins: It's Journey From Illicit Website Transactions to Mainstream Usage

The greatest advantage of Bitcoins is the ease in payment, ease in transferring money anywhere in the world
Trends 2017

Emerging Trends in the Fintech Space in 2017

The first thing that immediately comes to mind is net banking, using digital wallets, and using credit/debit cards etc to make payments cashless.

New Way Of Investing

Investment in financial instruments has historically remained at under 5% in India!
startup trends

Startup Trends 2016 : Steps Entrepreneurs Took To Tackle Tough Situations

We see co-working spaces with a common knowledge base as the way forward as this drastically cuts down costs.
Startup Funding

4 Points Startups Should Remember Before Approaching A VC

Startup needs to look at the value of the company is planning to raise capital, as it need to convince an outsider to buy into the idea.