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Having an Open-Book Policy

Enough with the secrets--give your key employees the financial information they need to help you run a successful business.

How to Review Your Siblings

Rating your sibling's performance means treading on delicate--and potentially explosive--ground. In fact, maybe it's better to call the whole thing off.

Don't Get Personal

Taking the personal out of personnel isn't easy when you're talking about family.

Attracting Non-Family Employees

As appealing as the cozy atmosphere of a family business may be, you can't beat incentives for hooking good managers.

The Best Family Business Meetings

When the family works and plays together, there's a good chance the family business will stay together.

Keep It Together

Prevent your board members from jumping ship.

Are Your Kids Wrecking Your Business?

You've welcomed your kids into the family business--and you're ready to pull your hair out. Now what?

More Than Money

Cash-poor friends may still have a lot to contribute.

Ruling Roulette

Are you gambling with the future of your company? Why staff rotation is risky business

Avoiding a Too-Early Succession

Hand your kids a key to the business too early, and you could unlock the wrong attitude.

Getting Management Help From the Next Generation

In order to roll with the times, family business leaders must rely on people other than themselves-their successors.

Inside Jobs

What's the hidden cost of hiring relatives as suppliers or advisors? Family feuds.

Friendly Exchange

Want to borrow money from loved ones without losing them? Read on.

In-Laws and Order

Think hiring an in-law is just like hiring any other employee? Think again.

Theory of Un-Relativity

How to keep nonfamily managers happy in order to grow your business.