Patricia Schiff Estess


Management Buzz 04/03

Energy consulting services; hiring your parents

Who Should Be On Your Board?

Let's face it: Not every family member is cut out to be on your board of directors.

It Does The Business Good

Philanthropy could help your family as much as it benefits others.

The Daughter Also Rises

Women are taking over the family business; their initiative is the key.

Selling the Family Business

Is it time for the family and the business to go their separate ways?

Stop Complaining About Your Business!

You need to vent--but bringing too much home from the office can spark resentment.

When Your Parents Want to Retire

When your parents are ready to leave the family business, be there to help them.

Giving Stock to the Next Generation

Are you gifting stock to the younger generation for the right reasons?

Leaving Business Back at the Office

If the family business is seeping its way into every off-hours conversation, it's time to draw the line on shop talk.

Smart Stock Strategies for Family Businesses

Every relative seems to want a piece of the family business pie--don't let your business be a casualty of these shareholding squables.

Runnning a Multi-Family Business

Working together can get complicated when two or more families run a single business.

Good Company

Are you next in line to own the family business? Don't go it alone--peer groups can help.

Your Business After Divorce

Promise to love, honor and cherish your business--even if you share it with your ex-spouse.

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