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Ramya Venkataraman

Ramya Venkataraman

Guest Writer / Co-founder & CEO, Centre for Teacher Accreditation

Ramya Venkataraman holds a B.Tech. from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. Ramya has worked with McKinsey & Company for 16 years, including as the leader of their Education Practice in the last 6 years, along with experiences in multiple other industry sectors and geographies before that – giving her a broader professional background, the learnings of which she continues to bring into the education space. Known for her on-ground reform efforts in both school education and skills in India, she is an active member of   significant education committees and boards like the Global Alliance on Teachers by Varkey Foundation, FICCI School Education Committee in India, NCTE-QCI (National Council for Teacher Education, Quality Council of India) committee, India Advisory Board of STIR Education and Global Academic Council of GEMS Education.

Ramya has received notable recognition for her work and impact which includes recent election as an Ashoka Fellow in recognition of her leadership and contributions to education, a Global Entrepreneurship Award from McKinsey, being profiled by a professor from the Institute of Education, UK, for system level impact in India and a Distinguished Alum award from her high school. She has been a speaker in a range of Indian and international conferences which includes the Global Education and Skills Forum and the Kaizen-INSEAD-New York University Conference. In her current role as the Founder & CEO of CENTA, she aims to bring about a constructive and positive change across the education landscape. 


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