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Ten Characteristics of Irrational Exuberance

There are two types of stock gains. There are real gains, which are rooted in economic productivity, and there is irrational exuberance, which is rooted in investor emotionalism. Set forth...

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All Discussions of Stock Investing Should Acknowledge That There Are Two Schools of Academic Thought re the Basics

Shiller changed everything that we once thought we knew about stock investing when he published research showing that valuations affect long-term returns. This finding was a "revolutionary" (the word appears...

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The Size Of An Investor's Stock Portfolio Tells Him How Well He Has Done With His Life

Robert Shiller's research brought on a "revolutionary" (this word appears in the subtitle of Shiller's book) advance in our understanding of how stock investing works. But few people appreciate that...

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It's Human Emotions That Swing Wildly, Not The Economy Or The Value Of The Stock Market

Shiller's amazing research findings changed everything. The word "revolutionary" appears in the subtitle of Shiller's book and his ideas about how stock investing works live up to the grand claim....

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