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Target Your Market With Appropriate Ad Copy

Follow these four steps to craft copy that's guaranteed to reach your ideal customer.

The Benefits of Counter-Branding

When your business category is dominated by a single brand and all the other brands put together--yours included--don't match up, it's time to create a counter-brand.

How to Write Ads That Build Brands

Keep these five tips in mind when developing a campaign to cement your brand image.

Hiring a Superstar Ad Writer

It's not who you'd expect! These tips will show you where to look and what to ask before you hire the perfect pitch person.

How to Hire a Great Ad Writer

Tips for finding the perfect pitch person for your business

Secrets to Writing Better Ads

5 easy ways to capture the attention of your prospects

Top Advertising Blunders

Spending all your money on ads but getting no results? Perhaps you're making one of these 12 huge mistakes.

Wow Customers With Your Ads

Try these tips for writing copy sure to draw a crowd.

Targeting the Next Generation

Your business can't market to baby boomers forever. A new demographic is emerging, and paying attention to it could benefit your business.

Radio Ads: How Long Should They Be?

Everything you need to consider when choosing between 15-, 30- and 60-second spots

When Will My Ads Start Working?

It depends on a variety of factors. Here's how to create the most efficient campaign possible.

Secrets to Better Branding

How customers respond to your brand can make or break your business.

Be Your Brand

Let branding work for you by tapping into the truth behind your business.

Building a Successful Advertising Plan

Before you can advertise effectively, you need to answer these important questions.

Get Your Message Out--On a Shoestring

4 easy ways to create a successful advertising plan without spending a bundle