Roy H. Williams

Roy Williams is the founder and president of international ad agency Wizard of Ads. Roy is also the author of numerous books on improving your advertising efforts, including The Wizard of Ads and Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads.



10 Unusual Ways to Advertise

Create an ad that'll stick with your customers long after they see it.


Creating Memorable Business Signs

Make your business signs stand out with these proven attention-grabbing tips.


The Future of Ad Writing

The latest advertising trend is here. Is your ad campaign up-to-date?

Business News

The Word on the Street

Make customers your good-will ambassadors. Get them to spread the word with these five buzz-building tips.


Choosing the Right Advertisement For Your Business

Create an ad that does your business justice with this advice from our advertising expert.


The Best Advertising Money Can Buy

If you're not budgeting for word-of-mouth advertising, your business is probably suffering. Our ad expert offers his tips on generating customer recommendations.

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