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4 Cheap Ways to Be an Eco-Conscious Traveler

Whoa. The onus of reducing the carbon impact of travel rests on many shoulders, from corporations to countries. But the fact remains that the decisions of individual travelers matter as…

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How to Choose a Seat on a Plane

What used to be a simple part of purchasing an airline ticket has become a hot mess in recent years. Should you pay for more legroom? Should you pay at…

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5 Ways to Avoid Travel Headaches This Year

Welcome to the new travel reality, one in which the idea of "making firm plans" seems laughably quaint. The focus these days is not so much on nailing down an…

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7 Secrets to Surviving Group Travel With Different Budgets

Group trips are fun — in theory. But they can quickly spiral into Venmo-nagging chaos if not properly orchestrated. Getting a group to decide on basics like location and dates…

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Are Unused Travel Card Benefits Actually a Bad Thing?

Welcome to the weird new world of "travel" card benefits. The pandemic changed the travel industry in many ways. Airlines now offer more flexible tickets. Masks are mandatory for the…

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