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REV Group Hits A Wall Despite Results And Outlook

REV Group is a specialty vehicle maker with a deep moat and analysts at Baird think it could double in price assuming supply chain improvement continues.

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Can Cricut Stock Jump Higher In 2023?

Cricut is working through a supply chain problem that will leave in prime condition to leverage user growth over the last year.

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Penny Stock Vinco Ventures Could Be Big Winner

Vinco Ventures is a name to put on your watchlist because a ban on TikTok would open the door to revenue and profits that won't come any other way.

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Crowdstrike Stock: While The Iron Is Hot!

Crowdstrike reported a record quarter and the analysts are gushing, according to them execution is sound and guidance may be light.

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Occidental Petroleum: What Would Warren Buffett Do?

Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway buy more Occidental Petroleum following solid earnings and a dividend increase that won't be the last.

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Market Gets "Powelled": S&P 500 Confirms Resistance

The S&P 500 got walloped again by remarks from Jerome Powell. In his view, inflation is yet to be tamed and interest rates will peak higher than expected.