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Ambarella: An AI Play In The Making

Ambarella is working hard to become a leader in edge/AI computing with its latest lines of computer-vision products but near-term headwinds weigh on shares.

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Wendy's Price Firms After Sizzling Quarter And Juicy Outlook

Wendy's is growing faster than McDonald's and pays a better dividend, one stock is trending higher, and the other isn't, which is the opportunity today.

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Cracker Barrel Stock: Range Bound, but High Yield For 2023

Cracker Barrel is the dog of the restaurant sector, but that has it trading at a value to sector leaders and paying the highest dividend in the group.

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Autozone Or Advance You've Got A Winner With Auto Parts

Advance Autoparts and Autozone present different opportunities in the same growing sector, one is in an uptrend and the other is a high-yield value.

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Will Q4 Results Send Zoom Video Stock Higher?

Zoom Video Communications moves up on mixed results but it may be too soon for a major rally. The good news is that maturing business has it set up for...

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Occidental Petroleum Pulls Back To The Sweet Spot

Occidental Petroleum pulled back to the sweet spot ahead of earnings and is now moving higher, the question is if Warren Buffet is buying now or not.