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10 Useful Websites to Get Stock Photographs for Free

We've compiled a list of sites that allow you to download pictures for free; however, some of them might require attribution.

7 Financial Mistakes Entrepreneurs Need to Avoid

After being in business and consulting for over 10 years, I've realized that a majority of entrepreneurs make these common financial mistakes.

Why On-demand Services Startups Are The Next Big Thing

Smartphones have been the game changer, the level of delivery and convenience is unprecedented.

How to deal with average to slightly below average employees

Dealing with a bad hire might be an easy decision where you just let him go, but the ones who are the hardest to deal with are people who do just enough to keep their job.

11 marketing blunders that hamper a startup's growth

When business is slow, one of the first places startups cut costs is marketing, when in fact they should be increasing their marketing budget.

Why employees are more important than founders in a startup?

It no longer pays to be ordinary, so you'd rather risk everything to be the best you can be.

Can a successful business model be replicated in 80 countries?

The marketplace for services seems to be the new wave of companies that is revolutionizing the way people hire services.

Why are most startup Entrepreneurs out of sync with reality?

The first thing any business owner needs to look at are the numbers on the ground.