Vivek Srinivasan

Vivek Srinivasan

Managing Director, VS Prudence Advisors

Vivek Srinivasan is a Startup Mentor who works extensively with early stage start-ups.

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Why are food delivery businesses so troubled?

Why is it that all the guys in the food delivery business seem to be experiencing problems?

Markets are different; just like people

Important to have patience and plan for the long term in order to build a business in India.

Valuing things that cannot be measured

Define what success as a business means to you and pursue it.

Imposter Syndrome is about having achieved potential

If you feel like an imposter, the most important question to ask yourself is: Are you doing what you are supposed to do?

Don't detest failure, embrace it

As much as we enjoy talking about successes and failures we do not have the ability to accurately define success and failure.

The Value of Thought

If you have some of the best people working for you, it is absolutely imperative that you give them time to think.

A rollercoaster ride of profit and loss

No matter what kind of company you build, the company has to be able to generate a profit eventually, and that alone is the sign of true success.

Knowledge kills Imagination while Ignorance flames it

The next time you come up against a problem; don't kill yourself researching the problem, kill yourself finding a solution.

Are you selling to the Brain, Heart or Ego? Follow 3 simple rules to garner maximum sales

The key is to find the approach that works and to balance it with the needs of the market.

Uncertainty behind Success: Even the Goliaths are unsure!

Success is about being able to push past the doubt. A true entrepreneur is one who works towards eliminating the source of the uncertainty.

Investors are Infallible. Or are they?

The key to all entrepreneurial success is - Conviction and belief in the ideas.

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