Zane Landin

Zane Landin

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
Founder and CEO of PositiveVibes Magazine

Zane Landin is a recent graduate from Cal Poly Pomona who studied communication and public relations. He has interned with USAID, General Motors and NASA JPL. He is the founder and CEO of the digital magazine, PositiveVibes Magazine, which shares stories about positivity, wellness and mental health.


Growing a Business

You Can't Truly Tackle Diversity If Your Company Doesn't Think About This Group of People

There is an underserved community of larger people in the workforce who are regularly discriminated against and excluded.

Growing a Business

Executives Must Embrace Mental Health Culture in a Startup Environment. Here's the Best Way to Do It.

Covid-19 made plain the need for workplace mental health inclusion, but how can startups facilitate a space for it, along with overall wellbeing?

Estrategias de crecimiento

Los ejecutivos deben adoptar la cultura de la salud mental en un entorno de inicio. Esta es la mejor manera de hacerlo.

Covid-19 dejó en claro la necesidad de la inclusión de la salud mental en el lugar de trabajo, pero ¿cómo pueden las nuevas empresas facilitar un espacio para ello, junto con el bienestar general?

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