Screenmobile is the only company with a mobile workshop specializing in residential/commercial screen manufacturing, repair, and installation for windows, doors, porches, patios, and more!
Business Type
Startup Costs
$91,975 - $183,770
Can be operated from home
Financing Available
Can be run part-time

It started with a single truck and trailer.
An idea to provide mobile screen repair was born. The rest, is history.

With a reputation for quality, professionalism and mobility,The Walkers expanded operations to Palm Springs in 1981, discovering that they were the only business to screen on-site, allowing for an efficient and timely service that wasn’t replicated elsewhere.

Realizing how vital the trailer was to their ability to be truly mobile, they upgraded to a larger, all-metal trailer, branded with the Screenmobile name. This trailer allowed Pops and his sons to repair any size screen and hold all their equipment, while serving as an approachable and effective mobile marketing tool.

The Walkers saw a significant increase in job requests from people approaching the trailer while the family was screening. These early successes laid the foundation for Screenmobile to become a nationally-known brand with an outstanding reputation, as well as a 100% Franchise Owner satisfaction rate- we think Pops would be proud!

How It Works

If you have no previous experience with the Screenmobile brand as a customer, you may be wondering how our one-of-a-kind window screening service works on a daily basis. Here’s our process, at a glance:

Franchise Owners only pay for the materials they use when it’s time to order new stock, so you never have to worry about high costs of operating a Screenmobile during slower business times. Low overhead costs that yield high potential returns on investment-

that’s the Screenmobile difference.

The Screenmobile Truck and Trailer sets us apart, from other window and screen repair businesses because it’s what makes us, well, mobile! The centerpiece of our business, our mobile screening trailer allows Franchise Owners to offer same-day service by effectively measuring and manufacturing screens on-site.

Our sizeable trailers weigh around 3,500 lbs, and are 13 feet long and 6.5 feet wide. This allows our Franchise Owners and their technicians to move freely around the trailer while repairing or building fully customizable screens. Our single axle trailers come equipped with generators, for the required power equipment necessary for completing some jobs.

Additionally, our trailers are fully stocked with all the materials and tools we need to measure, manufacture and install on-site at the first appointment with the customer, so there’s no need to go back to a shop or warehouse.

The Screenmobile truck and trailer is a mobile workshop that allows us to complete the job on the first trip, saving our customers unnecessary costs and delivering higher profit margins. However, Screenmobile Trucks and Trailers also serve another important purpose for our Franchise Owners; as a mobile marketing tool! People driving by and seeing our Franchise Owners working on screens from their trailers is the single most significant source of new business.

Thanks to the trailers’ open-air layout, customers feel comfortable approaching our Owners while they’re repairing or manufacturing their screens, which leads to an appointment for their own home or business! Many of our Franchise Owners also swear by leaving their truck and trailer parked in a public place while they grab a bite to eat to drive new revenue and increase visibility. Talk about easy, effective advertising!

While Pops Walker’s Screenmobile business started with an old truck, and an even older refurbished wooden tent trailer, our trucks and trailers have caught up to modern times. However, our business concept has remained true to Pops’ vision: a mobile, efficient, professional network of Franchise Owners, able to screen on-site, delivering the best product and service in the market.

Are you our next franchise owner?

Screenmobile may be expanding to new cities across the United States, but we still hold true to the values of quality, excellent customer service, and family that Pops Walker and his sons started the business with 40 years ago.

These tenets provide a solid foundation on which we have built our successful mobile franchise, and we intend to uphold them for as long as Screenmobile exists.

"I’ve not really been attracted to the wealth as much as attracted to the freedom and the independence."

Screenmobile Owner


  • 1. Customer calls and sets an appointment
  • 2. Franchise Owner and/or Field Technician arrive on time on the designated appointment date, assess the scope of work to be done, and provide customer with free estimate
  • 3. Customer accepts estimate; Franchise Owner and/or Field Technician get to work measuring, manufacturing, and installing screens onsite, thanks to their mobile trailer
  • 4. Work is typically completed all in the same day; Franchise Owner leaves satisfied customer with service invoice

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