Arete Design Group

Arete Design Group

Arete Design Group is a full-service architectural firm with strong expertise in all sizes of institutional, industrial and commercial projects. With more than 90 years of combined experience, they have a well-balanced team of Architects, Professional Designers, Technicians, and support staff who maintain customer satisfaction as top priority, realizing that their client's approval is a critical factor in the measure of success of any project.

Company Overview

Arete Design Group, formerly Dale Buckingham Architects, LLC, is a passionate and well-rounded Sheridan-based architecture firm committed to materializing the goals and dreams of our diverse clients. They strive to create trust and build relationships with clients, design professionals and builders to provide quality, no-nonsense architectural solutions through honest communication and hard work. Their boots-on-the-ground approach, along with their architectural innovation and responsiveness, gives their clients the assurance that they will provide reliable and fair service to take each project from its concepts through completion.

About Arete Design Group

HQ Location
Sheridan, WY

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