Grasp Technologies, Inc.

Grasp Technologies, Inc.

Grasp Technologies provides data management, visualization, and payment solution software for the travel industry. They have engineered data management, integration, intelligence and consolidation solutions for client companies of all sizes.

Company Overview

Founded in 1996, Grasp Technologies is one of the leading providers of data management, visualization and payment solutions in the T&E industry. This company was initially founded to address the critical need for customized reporting and data management in the travel industry. Grasp Technologies has implemented their solutions in more than 100 countries to improve business intelligence and process efficiency. They have defined many of the industry's best practices in global data consolidation and data bridging in T&E and serve many of the global leading financial institutions and corporations. They manage many travel management companies, corporations and corporate travel departments as well.

About Grasp Technologies, Inc.

HQ Location
San Diego, CA

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