IST Research Corp

IST Research Corp

IST Research Corp provides tech-enabled answers to complex questions about hard-to-reach populations.

Company Overview

IST Research’s mission is to address some of the most urgent human security issues faced by the world’s vulnerable populations. Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Fredericksburg, Virginia, they are a small, veteran-owned and operated business with a distributed workforce across 12 states and multiple countries. IST Research has successful technology deployments in over 20 countries with a diverse customer base, including the U.S. Government, non-governmental agencies, and commercial clients. They have built a diverse group of technologically and operationally savvy engineers, implementers, and scientists impassioned by opportunities to design and implement new technologies that have the potential to make a positive global impact. In addition, their flagship product, Pulse, enables clients to connect with and understand hard to reach communities by providing insight into their thinking by engaging them in two-way conversations.

About IST Research Corp

HQ Location
Fredericksburg, VA

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